Climb Kilimanjaro guides and porters

The unsung heroes on Kilimanjaro.

On all of our treks up Kilimanjaro you will be accompanied by a highly trained, experienced and certified head guide together with a varying number of assistant guides, cooks and porters, depending on the size of your group.
This logistical team is there to increase your chances of safely and successfully reaching the roof of Africa and they add immeasurably to your overall enjoyment of this adventure.
Should one of the members in your group need to be evacuated from the mountain, one of the assistant guides and several porters will ensure that this happens as smoothly as possible.

Due to the extra guides in your team, the rest of the group will not be affected if one of your team members needs to descend – the rest of the team will still be able to continue.
The porters make your trip more comfortable since each hiker will provide their personal soft carry bag / duffel bag for the porters to carry. This bag will contain your personal items that you will not be using during the day.
It may not weigh more than 15 kg in total! Should you wish to take more personal items that cause your duffel bag to exceed the 15 kg limit, you are able to hire an additional porter at your own cost.

Tipping your support crew at the end of your Kilimanjaro hike is generally expected for good service on the mountain.
Although the crew are paid salaries according to local standards (included in your package), they rely on tips to supplement this meagre wage.
The recommended tip to budget for is between US$200 ~ US$300 per hiker, which is dependent on the route chosen, the duration, and the overall group size.
Larger groups would tend to the lower end of the scale and smaller groups to the higher end. Solo climbers would need to budget around US$50 more than the higher end of the scale.

Below is a guideline as to how the recommended tip amount on Kilimanjaro is calculated that is industry standard:

Head Guide         US$20 – 25 per day (Ratio of 1 per 8 hikers)
Assistant guide   US$10 – 15 per day (Ratio of 1 per 3 hikers)
Cook                  US$10 – 12 per day (Ratio of 1 per 8 hikers)
Porters               US$8 – 10 per porter per day (Average 3 porters/hiker)

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